About us

We like to think that we have a pretty grown up attitude. We are tantrum free. We are exceptionally patient. We are childishly enthusiastic but sensible when it's time to turn enthusiasm into something workable.

We smile when we mean it and promise not to frown because we know that insisting on getting our own way never turns out to be that much fun after all.

We like to make a difference and we like to think we are different. Who doesn't, but we really honestly do think we are different. Not special. Just different.

We care and when we say that we care we actually mean it. Go on, admit it. That actually is different.

About us

This photo is us being different. Just in case you hadn't noticed.

Like everyone in any Agency we can faff on for hours about the brands that we have worked with, we can tell wild stories about the time that we had to pay a bribe to the Mayor of Moscow to allow an event to happen in Red Square, about being chased out of Italian Military Air Space while filming the Orient Express from a badly stripped down Helicopter to capture celebrities racing cars against the train, and the time that one of us tried to throw the Sultan of Brunei out of his own party in London's Dorchester Hotel or maybe when our Founder put 50 cents in David Grohl's coffee because he thought he was homeless. Ooops!

At the end of the day though, what will actually count is if you think we can make a difference and maybe, just as importantly, that you think we might be good, decent and fair people to work with. People that when you spend time with them, you feel just a little bit better as a result. That would be good. If you want to hear about any of the far fetched stories mentioned above, we'd be happy to share them with you. Believe it or not, they are all true. Honestly.

Here are some of the clients our team have worked with.................so far

Sprite (Coca-Cola Worldwide), O'Neill (EU), Toyota (UK), Bilabong (USA), Diesel (EU), Philips (Intl), Sony (UK), Hilfiger (Intl), Reebok (USA & UK), VANS (EU), Porsche (UK), Animal (USA & UK), Red Bull (USA), Mitsubishi (USA), OP, Arnette, Allied Domecq,