Talent Management

Talent Management is a two way street - not just managing the interests of the talent, but also managing the interests and expectations of the brand engaging with that talent.

We cheerfully manage relationships on both sides of the lens - celebrities, athletes, actors, musicians, directors, writers and producers.

Having worked hands-on in the world of broadcast media, music, sport and live content for 30 years we know a fair bit about getting the best from and for everyone, so that we can all win.

Talent Management


We enjoy being connected with some great people in the business of Talent. We keep those connections alive with a joyful consistency so that when the time comes to find talent for a project, the door is already open with the Management of the best agencies around.

This gives our client the introductory edge when it comes to seeking out the right face, with the right voice and the right attitude for your needs. Whether that's an appearance or a casting in a production for your brand.

We will quite literally find a face that fits.

Talent Management


Making your message feel stronger, reach out in a different way and resonate more beautifully takes something just a little bit special. A Director with a vision and idea that suddenly makes your communication aspirations really come alive.

We like to think we can help you find that difference through our non-traditional connections. A fresh pair of eyes and a different perception from a Director whose skills come from experience in entertainment broadcast, film or music might just be the solution you didn't even know that you needed for your next piece of film, video or advertising content.

Why don't you let us introduce you to some exciting new people.

Talent Management


We love to welcome new talent to our roster. Whether you are in front of the camera or making a difference behind it, we know that we will be great partners together.

We are presently representing exciting talent at home in the UK and overseas on a non-exclusive basis. We represent a way in to new opportunities while still keeping relationships open with other avenues that can help you with your career plan.

What we will never do is leave you in a draw gathering dust, regardless of your status with us. We trust you to be brilliant at what you do, so why should we be any different?

With connections developed over 30 years across mixed media and breadth of content we feel comfortable and content that we can make a difference.